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CS-I 150-300-450-600
CS-I 150-300-450-600CS-I 301CS-I 1200CS-I 2400

- Power inverter using IGBT technology for medium–frequency output, programmable via terminal or via remote field bus.

- Software availability to drive DC transformers (Square wave output) or to drive AC transformers (Sine wave current output).

- Frequency set by the user from 1 KHz to 5 KHz in case of DC Transformers or 50 to 1000 Hz in case of AC transformers.

- User selectable primary or secondary current measurement. - Six different modes of current regulation are available:

  •  Duty fixed percentage D‰
  •  Duty percentage with primary voltage compensation, V‰
  •  Constant Current IK • Constant Power PK • Constant Energy EK
  •  Adaptive AD

- Welding current set by external voltage reference 0-10V or Field Bus.

- Gain adjustable current regulation loop.

- Cycle management of spot welding machines or rollers welding machines set by user.

- Time management in periods or in milliseconds.

- Electrical insulation of input and output sections.

- Setup and execution of 64 programs, called by external input, internal, sequential or associated with the start cycle IC1 or IC2.

- Point to point serial communication line RS232, used to connect a printer or a personal computer or a network serial communication line RS485  Availability of expansion of communication:

  • Profibus
  • DeviceNet
  • CANopen
  • Modbus/RTU
  • Profinet/IO
  • EtherN/IP
  • EtherCAT
  • Modbus/TCP.

- Start cycle with dual push buttons (dual input) or pedals (single input). - Monitoring (Quality Control) of the limits of the welding current in spot-weld and in rolls weld mode.

- Programmable function of continuous current increment to compensate electrodes wears under variable curve up to four pairs of electrodes(four transformers).

- Welds counter with alarm and lock function.

- Four solenoid valves flexibly associated to pre-squeeze and squeeze within programs.

- Proportional valve driving circuit galvanic insulated.

- Proportional valve full scale setting (99%) from 5 to 10V.

- Forging solenoid-valve output.

- Pre-stroke solenoid -valve.

- Possible association of pressure in pre-squeeze, squeeze, preheat, welding and forging, through the proportional valve (pressure cycle).

- Self-calibration of 4 transformer or welding systems.

- Four language setting, additional languages on request.

- Dedicated signals management by PLC.

- IGBT power unit with water or air cooling, through integrated water control solenoid valve or fans.

- Possibility of external 24V power supply in case of lack of power line.

- Temperature monitoring of heat sink.

- External temperature monitoring (transformer diode or coils).

- Automatic checking and errors reports on Rogowski coil insulated or in short.

- Check with any reporting / management start welding pliers not closed.

- Graphs trends of weld parameter on the terminal panel.

- Automatic duplication of the welding program in multiple programs

- Models: CSI- 150A - CSI-300A - CSI 450A -CSI-600A - CSI -1200A - CSI-2400A / CSI-151A - CSI-301A - CSI-451A - CSI-601A.


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