Safco History

SAFCO SYSTEMS S.r.L Via Isonzo, 17/b 20090 Cesano Boscone - Milano - Italy

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Mission - Objectives

 Developing a mission and a series of objectives, communicate, declare, then it becomes essential to establish an identity, to provide a route to follow, indicate a horizon, a change from current situation to a possible future.


Mission Statement

 Safco Systems is a B2B firm, company founded for design, develop and build a flexibles precision electronic controllers for resistance welding machines.

We will achieve our premier status by providing the most innovative    products and services that best meet our customers needs in marked segments that sustain profitable growth.

 This performance will result in unequalled value in the eyes of our customers, opportunities for our employees to realize their full potential , and satisfactory returns for our partners.


Objectives Statement

 Our objective is to earn a satisfactory return that will enable the company to grow and prosper thereby creating opportunities for its employees  in a desiderable workplace, we aim to be the unquestioned leader in the market served, and to be ethical in all of our relationships, to accomplish this, we must place our customers at  the forefront, providing them with courteous and prompt service and quality products that are second to none.


Safco Customers Definition

 ⦁ The most important people in our bussiness;

 ⦁ Not dependent on us – we are dependent on them;

 ⦁ Affording us the opportunity to serve them – we are not doing them a favor;

 ⦁ Not outsiders to our business, but the most integral part of it;

 ⦁ People bringing us their needs, We must fill these needs profittably, to both our customer and ourselves



 Innovative quality solutions within:

 ⦁ Resistance Welding Controls

 ⦁ Power Electronics

 ⦁ Analog and digital electronics for control and automation of welding plant

 ⦁ Special design single/three Phase Power Welding transformers 



⦁ Controls for small Welding machines

⦁ Controls for welding spot welding / Projection

⦁ Controls for welding Rollers Welding machines

⦁ Controls for flash butt welding machines

⦁ Multifunctional Spot/Roll constant current welding controls 

⦁ Controls for welding lines of lead-acid batteries

⦁ Spot - Roll DC MF controller (Inverter) 

⦁ Automotive Spot DC MF field bus equipped (Inverter)

⦁ White market production roll/spot DC MF (Inverter) 

⦁ Micro weld Spot DC MF (Inverter)

⦁ AC Roll Inverter for production of drums and or cans

⦁ Single phase transformers

⦁ Three Phase transformers

⦁ Medium frequency up to 5 KHz transformers

⦁ Over 2500 specials designs dedicated to the welding field

Safco Systems s.r.l. Controlli di Saldatura industriale, Trasformatori di saldatura, PLC, Welding control, welding transformer Spot Roller. - ex Scofima System. scofima system

 ex scofima system. SAFCO SYSTEMS S.r.L. Via Isonzo, 17/b 20090 Cesano Boscone - Milano - Italy Tel. +39 024504433 +39 024504435. Fax +39 024504321 Welding Resistance.